This book is now in its 6th edition and covers the entire North American prehistory of projectile points, which are commonly called arrowheads. There are over 1200 point types listed. Each listing contains point photographs, brief description, where it is found, who named it, its general dates, distribution maps, and references. There are numerous photographs and drawings for these points. It is a basic look-up book for American projectile points. Also, it contains an introduction, how to identify projectile points, and numerous other book examples that the reader may wish to consult. The points are listed in alphabetical order. The more common points are marked which makes them easier to find. The book is a tremendous asset to professional archaeologists and collectors who are interested in stone tools. One of its major features is a list of most of the point types in the U.S. This publication represents 75 years of point typing in the U.S. It was written by a professional archaeologist with over 40 years of investigating and studying lithic implements of Native America.  


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Book: B&W, 8 1/2 x 11 in, 566 pages, photographs, drawings, maps, reference.

Blackwater Draw Bipoint and Clovis

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North American Projectile Points
Wm Jack Hranicky RPA

Major Topics:

  • Listing of 2000+ projectile point types
  • System of evaluating types - validity
  • Defining typology
  • Archaeology of using point types
  • Basic point nomenclature
  • Point classifications
  • Basic parts of a point
  • Types as histories
  • Naming point types
  • Point time markers
  • Recording points
  • Collecting artifacts
  • Standard point references and books
  • Blades and bifaces
  • Why projectile points
  • List of all published types
  • Sources for type names
  • Similar to for some types
  • Major attributes needed for typing a point
  • Types listed from A to Z
  • General point references.
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