“I consider the site at Bear Spirit Mountain to be the most important Archaeological discovery in Eastern US American Indian Archaeology because of its Pleistocene time depth, geographic size and its Ceremonial involvement with both the Summer and Winter solstices as well as the multiple Serpent wall and Sun effigies found there. Additionally, the site has a proven solar clock for observing daily solar time. It will require years of investigation and study to understand and interpret the site’s cultural placement in human history.”

              -  Wm Jack Hranicky, RPA
                  Site Archaeologist

“I am pleased that evidence of our earliest inhabitants is being identified at Bear Spirit Mountain. This is possibly one of the oldest American Indian ceremonial sites yet discovered in North America. It greatly deserves to be preserved for all time and placed among our other treasured archaeological sites. “

- Senator Patricia Puertas-Rucker
16th District, WV

 “As a Native American, I am drawn to places as a part of our culture and our heritage. We must protect these sites not just for today, but also for all of our future generations. It would be too easy to plow these places asunder and forget who we are, to assimilate and lose our identity, but in doing so, we lose our power and our purpose, and dishonor every generation that survived throughout our history, for us to even exist. This place, this mountain, is powerful, and we as Native Americans, should be thankful that a soul who can respect its power and purpose-has found themselves in a position to preserve it, as most others would only have seen its value if it was developed into something unrecognizable.”

 -Laurae Hughes.  Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians
  Rogue River/Chetco/Tututini

"Bear Spirit Mountain is revealing occupations that are thousands of years older than previously accepted. The findings there in both rock structures and rock art are going to change how we view people from the Pleistocene Period. Hopefully this will ignite a spirit of scientific inquiry among academics and field archaeologist to start seriously studying and actually looking for the art before it’s gone forever."

Brian Bellman, M.ED.

"At Bear Spirit Mountain recent discoveries include proof of the observance of Summer and Winter solstices, Sun effigies, Serpent Wall effigies, and other archaeological finds.  Each discovery lifts our spirits, energizes us and makes us proud of who we are, appreciative of our ancestors and those who are determined to preserve this heritage.  These individuals are Bear Spirit Mountains themselves. These dedicated individuals are making it possible for me and others to someday experience this spirit in person.  Thanks to them, that day may be soon.  May they continue to be spiritually blessed as they continue today discovering and preserving the spirits of yesterday."

Glenna J. Wallace, Chief
Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma

 "Today this Archaeological remnant is left for us all to reconnect to our Ancestors. To remember and rediscover who we are; to move forward with a new hope, a new vision-hopefully one that is closer to the source.

 "Bear Spirit Mountain" is a ancient American Indian Ceremonial site. Or what we call today a church. Could this be a fulfillment of prophecy? Isaiah 61:4, Ezekiel 36: 33-34. Could Maasaw Howard be prophesied as a "Repairer of the Breach?" Isaiah 58:12."

Chris "Comes with Clouds" White
CEO, Native American Church of Virginia, 
Sanctuary on the Trail

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Opening description of Adonvdo Yona

“Adonvdo Yona” (Bear Spirit) Mountain, “An Ancestral Awakening” is the memoir of a man who received a spiritual promise when he was a teenager and goes on to discover his American Indian roots as the path to turn this promise into a reality. The author shares the details of his life with his rediscovered Indigenous culture after he acquires an ancient Pleistocene period American Indian ceremonial and burial site where he experiences a mystical spiritual awakening.

It is an adventure story which captivates the reader and leads them to look forward to the next chapter. Readers will enjoy learning about the author’s spiritual life and how he was able to reconnect his ancestral past to his present and future as he studies, preserves and protects this archaeological treasure.


Bloomington, Indiana

Adonvdo Yona (Bear Spirit) MOUNTAIN - An Ancestral Awakening

By Matthew "Maasaw" Howard