"STONE REVELATIONS was published in order to share these First Peoples' primary choice of art expression, that being to chip quartz off underlying  attached greenstone to form realistic images of multiple Pleistocene species, including images of the very people themselves that lived during our last ice age. Because quartz is an extremely hard, weather-resistant stone with a Mohs hardness score at the upper end of the scale just behind the most hard diamond, and because its fragility allowed these people to accurately shape their desired images, their subject matter can be seen with very little change in appearance  and can be easily interpreted in order to understand the spiritual world that so dominated their daily lives. This brilliant artistic choice allows viewers to see many species that have never previously been created in any art form and establishes dates of creation well into the Pleistocene Era based on extinction dates alone."      

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By Harold E. Young, Jr.

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For the first time, undisturbed and perfectly preserved stone relief sculptures reveal the intricacies of life in North America during the Pleistocene, when humans learned to adapt to cohabitation with massive beasts that ultimately became extinct around 12,000 years ago. More than 170 illustrations document a world many thought never existed at that time in the Mid-Atlantic region, displaying sculptures of over 35 ice age species and at least 10 unprecedented examples of human faces. Discovered on open ground where it was created and positioned, this unique rock art confirms the spiritual connection of these First People with their Sun and Moon, the Pleiades star cluster, their Great Hare and supreme Okee, as well as the megafauna that roamed the earth so many thousands of years ago.

Mythologies about the Underworld Panther, the Seven Boys of Pleiades, the Wolf Moon and wolf ancestry, as well as the origin of the Unicorn and the domestication of the horse, are all addressed and shown to have existed much earlier than previous findings suggest. The astonishing artwork documented in STONE REVELATIONS OF THE LAST ICE AGE is a testimony to the earliest human occupation of this continent.

Stone Revelations of the Last Ice Age