Major Topics:

  • Paleoindian point types
  • Archaic point types
  • Woodland point types
  • Basic point type references
  • New point types
  • 100s of point photographs
  • Point distributions
  • Point manufacture
  • Points in time positions
  • Typology definition
  • Typology as a focus
  • Typing projectile points
  • Patination and age
  • Knives vs. arrowheads
  • Listing of 100+ point types
  • Middle Atlantic point distribution and history.

First Update in Virginia Projectile Point Typology in 20 Years…

 The Arrowhead In Virginia
Wm Jack Hranicky RPA

This book lists nearly 100 Virginia point types on Indian artifacts, arrowhead identification, and arrowheads history. This publication is the result of the author’s continuous research in Virginia antiquities. From Clovis to Clarksville point, it covers most identifiable points found in Virginia. There are over 25 new, unpublished types. Book makes a great look-up publication for Virginia and Middle Atlantic area projectile points.
It contains:      

  • Point dates
  • Type descriptions
  • Geographic distributions
  • Drawings for basic type forms
  • State cultural divisions
  • Cultural trait list
  • Contains state-wide lithic descriptions
  • Contains an environmental chart
  • References

The publication starts with and defines Before Clovis with a Virginia starting at 25,000 years ago. This time period is followed by the classic cultural divisions of Paleoindian, Archaic, and Woodland Periods. All dates are in Years Before Present (YBP) and based on current radiocarbon dates. The book can be used as a starting reference for projectile point typology.

The book is 8 ½ x 11 inches, 280 pages, and has 200+ illustrations. A color CD is provided with each mail order. And, the book is dedicated to Howard MacCord for his over 50 years of service to Virginia archaeology.


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Book: B&W, 8 1/2 x 11 in., 290 pages, color CD, references.

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