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Lithic technology
      the science of prehistoric stone tools and their usage.

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Based on this interest, the following publication is a study of lithic technology as found in the Middle Potomac River Valley (MPRV). The archaeological focus of a single geographical area offers an opportunity to present projectile point typology as a microtechnology even though some of the types have widespread distributions. As for macrotechnology, the area is an ideal study opportunity for new large tool data because of the lack of published data. The MPRV presents a physical artifact collection for lifeways in a snap-shot view of prehistory. Or, in other words, what technology(s) did the Native Americans use while living in the valley along the Potomac River’s fall line. Their toolkit contained numerous tools, including the projectile point, axe, celt, drill, and knife implements; of which, some are unique; others are Panindian.

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Based on Collections of and Assistance from
Charles W. Merry (Rockville, Maryland) and Spencer O. Geasey (Myersville, Maryland)