Clovis Points in Virginia
Based on: the McCary Fluted Point Survey of Virginia

by Wm Jack Hranicky RPA

This publication provides a history of Clovis investigations in Virginia. With over 1000 point illustrations, it describes the Clovis technology in Virginia and the surrounding areas. The book is based on the McCary Fluted Point Survey which is the basic source for Virginia Clovis projectile points. The Williamson (44DN1), Cactus Hill (44SX202) and Thunderbird (44WR11) site investigations are discussed. Text is 8½ by 11 inches, black and white, indexed, and 225 pages with a comprehensive set of references. This book is an effort to organize Paleoindian data collected by the Survey and other sources into meaningful and useful information for the archaeological community and the interested general public. It offers a starting place for Clovis research in Virginia.

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