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Ceremonial prehistoric sites occur all over the U.S. They come in many forms, such as rockart, stone circles, pendants, etc. Major discoveries have proven they have solar alignments measuring the various seasons. This publication provides numerous examples, including an artform inventory from Virginia.

The book describes the various prehistoric cultural activities and how to replicate them. It covers making tools to making body paints.

North American Projectile Points

Virginia Solstice Observatories,

Portable Art, and Rockart Sites

Everyone uses terms in archaeology, but there are no standards for them. As they are mixed with varying archaeological concepts and methods, there  may be confusion among the profession. This book's 600 pages contain most of the vocabulary used by professional archaeologists. Of course, word definitions are assumed.

Recording Clovis Points

This publication provides the lithic prehistory of the Potomac River valley of Maryland and Virginia. The provides photographs and a comprehensive discussion of the artifacts found in this area. It is indexed and has the basic references for the area.

The publication on Virginia projectile points is the first point identification update in 20 years. There are 25 new types, dates are updated by new carbon-14 dates, and new publications on point contexts. It has numerous point photographs, drawings, and references. This full-color book can be used in the entire Middle Atlantic area. It comes with a color CD - only available here.

Experimental Archaeology

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Projectile points are the most common lithic implement found in North America. As such, they often become cultural indicators in archaeology. This book describes and illustrates 2000+ point types, some of which are rarely used; however, most are standard types in most archaeology publications, includes a color CD.

The Arrowhead in Virginia
By Wm Jack Hranicky RPA

The recording of Clovis lanceolate points is a complicated archaeological process involving numerous technical procedures, methods, and techniques. This publication defines archaeological tools as a way to accomplish a research that meets a professional archaeological report of investigation.

Potomac Archaeology

An Encyclopedia of Concepts and Terminology in American Archaeology