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North American Projectile Points
by Wm Jack Hranicky RPA

North American Projectile Points is the most comprehensive book that has been written on the subject. Written by a professional archaeologist, the text is accurate, and covers the entire spectrum of point typology. Almost every other type book was written based on point prices and opinion by dealers who have no formal education and experience in actual archaeology, no experience in point making, and no experience in Indian cultures. The author has spent over 30 years writing, studying, and publishing on American prehistory. He has authored over 30 books, published over 200 professional papers, and presented countless lectures on the American Indian. He is listed on Wikipedia-hranicky. For other books by the author, click on the [Book] button.

 It covers Before Clovis through to Woodland/Puebloan times. Also, numerous ethnographic examples are discussed and illustrated. The book makes the premiere reference book. It contains the only known list of 95% of all published point types. The book is becoming a standard in American archaeology and a handy reference book for collectors.

The book (b&w, 8 ½ x 11 in) has 548 pages of over 1500 published projectile point types. It has numerous point type examples, drawings, references, distribution maps and, most importantly, accurate point dates. Another special feature that is often missing from other typologies is the book contains all the people who named points, and the person is listed for the types that they named. Also, it makes a look-up book for quick point identification. It is a must for any projectile point library.

Save on the Internet retail price, cost: $30.00 plus $7.50 priority postage. Also, a color CD is available for $15.00 postage paid. (Presently, no credit cards – make checks payable to Virginia Academic Press)

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